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Thanks for checking out Healthy Alternatives - a Toronto based company that is nuts about chocolate. We are also passionate about making clean label plant-based hazelnut & chocolate spread, brownie bars, nut-butters all free from dairy, gluten, soy and palm oils. 
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More than 20 years ago I transitioned to a plant-based diet because I needed to eliminate various foods from my diet. While beginning my plant-based journey and researching preparation of nutritious meals, I started discovering various nut butters and improved upon existing products by making my own nut butters. Loving chocolate and cocoa, I fine-tuned my recipes to create a creamy hazelnut and chocolate spread for a healthy sweet treat to satisfy my chocolate and hazelnut obsession.
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Our goal at Healthy Alternatives is to make plant-based products that combine high-quality ingredients that allows you to indulge in a nutritious and guilt free product. All products are made with simple organic ingredients and sweetened with maple syrup, date syrup or both to satisfy that sweet craving without compromise.

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A photo of Healthy Alternative's founder, Joycelyn Adams.

Joycelyn Adams

Founder of Healthy Alternatives

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